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The February Update

We have arrived at the end of February 2021. It’s been 9  months since our Kickstarter and over 2 years since we began working on  Kingless. Such a huge amount of our lives over the past 2 years have been dedicated to making Kingless (and Two19) as great as possible.  Without a doubt, we could not have done this without the help of our backers and everyone involved in the development, design and testing of  Kingless.

As of right now, the next part of the Kingless journey has come to fruition. All around the world, Kingless is starting to arrive with each of our amazing backers. If you have not received yours yet, hold on tight, you will be receiving it very soon!

Once you get your copy of Kingless, please share your favourite card(s) with us on the socials! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord – Pick your pipe, we absolutely love hearing from our backers and fans of Kingless. Oh, and if you are a Nobel Tier backer, with box #2 or #19 –  Get in touch! we want to send you a little something.

We are on BoardGameGeek as well. Please head over there and leave us a rating, that’s super important to help with the growth of Kingless.

The Future

While this is the last update on the development of Kingless, we are going to continue with this monthly update format. It’s been a really great way to communicate with our backers and people interested in what we do. We mentioned last year that we have started a  blog called “The Big Milkshake”  – This will become the home of our monthly updates. We will be posting there exclusively and sharing across our social media channels. 

This is just the beginning for Two19. We have learnt so much from the process of launching on Kickstarter, it was an amazing experience. We have made some great friends and contacts along the way. We will absolutely be back! 

Many of you have asked if there will be any expansions to Kingless or other projects from us in the future. Well, we are excited to announce that yes, there is a lot in the works from Two19! including an expansion to Kingless! 

We can’t share any details just yet, but keep an eye on our social media channels for more information once we are ready to share more. We’d love your input on this too, if you have any ideas or things you’d like to see in an expansion to Kingless, let us know!

This is not goodbye, but for now, we hope you enjoy playing Kingless as much as we do!

Speak to you all again in March over on The Big Milkshake! Feel free to contact us at any time via email

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian. Two19, the creators of Kingless.

Sebastian Roberts
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The January Update

The first Kickstarter update of 2021! and spoiler alert, hopefully, the last update before you get your hands on Kingless!

A quick recap since our last update…

Kingless left the factory in mid-December 2020. Throughout January, your copies of Kingless have been sailing around the world heading for our fulfilment centres in the US and Australia. Arriving in country last week.

Stock in Australia has started to move through the system at the warehouse, the US (and the rest of the world) is not far behind.  Just to be clear, the orders have not yet left the warehouse, but we are in the process of getting shipping labels together.

With that being said, we sent out an email via Backerkit a couple of days ago doing one final check on addresses. All orders are now locked and the pre-order store has closed. If you feel your address is incorrect, or you have any issues with your order, please contact us urgently at

We don’t have a set date as to when the orders will be leaving the warehouse. But as soon as our fulfilment partner has given us the go-ahead, we will push out another update on Kickstarter, as well as on the socials.





Take care and you will be hearing from us again very soon! 

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian. 

Sebastian Roberts
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The December Update

Welcome to the December update and the last announcement from us for 2020!

First off, thank you all for your support in 2020. With your help, Kingless has become a reality and we absolutely cannot wait until you get your hands on it early next year.

Since all the cool kids are doing it, we thought we would jump on the train and share our year-end recap for Kingless… 👑

Up next; Kingless has left the factory!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are all packed up and ready to go. Kingless rolled off the production line shortly before Christmas and has now left the factory, en route to our fulfilment centres in the US and Australia.

Here are a couple of photos we received from the factory.

Once we are ready to begin shipping we will send out a quick update to let you know. Keep an eye on the socials for this in the coming weeks!

On the topic of shipping, some quick housekeeping regarding backer surveys.

  • We will be locking orders on the 4th of January 2021. This means you will only be able to change your address from this point on.
  • Following this, we will be charging cards for shipping and additional copies of Kingless on the 5th of January 2021. 

If you have any questions/concerns with this, please drop us an email

We are going to be taking a break for a couple of days over the new year. But we are always here if you need us!

Wishing you all the best for 2021, we have lots of exciting things planned and can’t wait to share more with you next year.

For now, take care and speak to you all soon!

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian.

Sebastian Roberts
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The November Update

Woah Nelly, it’s the end of November already!

In this edition of our monthly update we have; Backer Surveys, Kingless Production updates, the sound of Alex and a peek at some of the images from our recent photoshoot!

Backer Surveys 

This is the big one. If you have not seen it already, we have now sent out our backer surveys to all backers. These should be waiting for you in your inboxes. If you have already completed your survey, that’s awesome. Hang tight, we should have some further details very soon on shipping dates.

Kingless Production

Kingless production is well underway, in fact, we have been given word that Kingless will finish production in the first week of December.

As part of this process, the first copy off of the production line is sent to us. This was shipped last week and should be arriving in the next couple of days. We might try and do a little unboxing video as well, so keep an eye out for that!

We don’t have any solid details on the shipping date at this stage. As always, as soon as we can lock in some concrete info we will share with you all. But unfortunately, it does not look like we will be able to get Kingless to you in time for Christmas. As disappointing as this news is, we are doing everything we can to get Kingless to you as soon as possible. But, as I know you are all well aware, things are a little crazy at the moment.

Flavours of Alex

You have had a taste of Nathan and Sebastian now you can experience the sounds inside the head of Alex. They say creativity comes from within… Well, we don’t know where this man gets it. But what we do know is there are some bangers in the Flavours of Alex!

That is all for the November update. I’m not sure when we will be sending the December one out – We will try our best to keep to the schedule…

We are going to end a little different today. We had some awesome photos taken of Kingless recently, so I’m going to sign off here and let you have a look around!

Take care and see you in December.

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian.

Sebastian Roberts
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The October Update

Goodbye October! 

Time flies when you are having fun and what a fun month it has been for us! 

You might have already seen if you follow Kingless on Twitter/Facebook – But we received the first-ever pre-production model of Kingless at the start of the month (Actually, it missed the September update by a matter of days!). We are delighted to be able to share a couple of quick snaps of the externals of the box!

Unlike digital games, we can’t send out a day 1 patch to fix any bugs or typos, so we have been vigorously checking, checking and checking again to make sure we have not missed anything! This PPC has been put through its paces! 

We are currently in the process of taking some professional photos of the box and cards. As with everything we do, we want to make sure it is of the highest quality possible. Can’t wait to share these with you all very soon!


We mentioned in the September update that we were joining the Neon City Daily team on their Developer Spotlight podcast. That’s now live and you can check it out on your podcast player of choice.

Push the button!

We saved the best until the middle – A few days ago (the 23rd to be precise) – We pushed the big red button and manufacturing of Kingless has officially begun! 

We don’t have any further details on timelines just yet, but as soon as we do we will share these with you.


With manufacturing underway, we now have solid details on dimensions, weights etc. With this intel, we can start preparing our shipping surveys. We are using Backerkit to assist with this process, so it should be nice and simple for everyone to get their details locked in. 

Expect these to be hitting your inboxes within the next couple of weeks. We will make a separate post on Kickstarter announcing when they go out. Just wanted to give you all a little heads up.

Flavours of Sebastian

Last month you had the pleasure of diving into the playlist of Nathan. This month it’s all about me! 

Dust off that Spotify account and indulge in a menagerie of tracks that tickle my synapses. Don’t judge!


Have we mentioned Discord before? It’s a great place to hang out and keep in touch with the Two19 team. Backers get their own special role (Just ask Blosy, he will help you out), with access to a private lounge.

We were also now Verified by Discord, so that’s pretty exciting! ✅

Well, that’s all folks! 

We will see you all next month for another juicy round-up, but until then, keep safe and stop by and say hi 👋 on the socials

Alex, Nathan and Sebastian.

Sebastian Roberts
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The September Update

Hello again everyone! 

It might look like a short update this month, but wow is it an exciting one!

Kicking off with Something a little different

A few days ago, we sat down with Josh, Nick and Dave from Neon City Daily to talk about Kingless on their Dev Spotlight podcast. If you have not heard of Neon City Daily, check them out! They are a local (to us anyway) group doing some awesome work with their various podcast offerings. While they mainly focus on video games, they also have some board game devs on, like us!

The Episode will be going live on the 4th of October – You can check out the podcast over on their website or search Neon City Daily on your podcast player of choice.


Now for something even more exciting… Our pre-production model is on the way! 

That’s right, we have been hard at work getting all the files proofed and signed off. PandaGM has been amazing at helping us through the process. The team over there is absolutely fantastic and without doubt, we are in great hands. 

Right now, the first-ever, pre-production copy of Kingless landed in Australia and is making it’s way to the Two19 HQ. It should only be a matter of days before we get our hands on it now! 

This is a huge step in the development of Kingless. Once we have spent some time with the PPC, checking, checking and checking again, we will be moving into full-scale manufacturing. 

We will be teasing some photos of the PPC when we have it – so again, keep an eye on the social channels for a first look! But we will, of course, share a roundup in our next update with you all.

The Big Milkshake: The flavours of… Nathan!

Last month we shared our Neon Milkshake playlist with you. This month… we are sharing The Flavours of Nathan! A handcrafted mixtape of Nathans personal TOP 30 tracks! 

Get into the head of Two19’s Director of Games Design and play the songs that inspired Kingless! kinda…

Two19 Expedition Map

Back in August, we mentioned we were working on a public roadmap for Two19. Well, here it is! You can read the full announcement over on The Big Milkshake. But in short, The Expedition Map is an overview of everything going on at Two19. 

We wanted to provide a way for people to see what we were up to, whenever they wanted. Not only on the current status of Kingless but everything that is going on behind the scenes at Two19.

Join us again next month when we’ll return with even more exciting news. Who knows what’s going to happen between now and then!

Until next time… stay safe and join us on Discord! 👋 – As a backer, if you use the !backer command, you will gain access to the backer lounge channel and role.

See ya! 

Alex, Nathan & Sebastian.

Sebastian Roberts
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The Two19 Expedition Map

Back in our July Kickstarter update, we teased we were working on a public Roadmap for Two19. 

It took a little longer than expected, but I am pleased to announce the launch of the Two19 Expedition Map!

While we are committed to providing updates to our super awesome Kingless backers every month, we wanted to be able to provide an overview of everything that is going on at Two19

We are visual people at Two19 – While we love being able to provide detail in our monthly newsletters, we wanted to allow anyone the opportunity to check-in, any time, to see how we are progressing. Not only on Kingless but on all of our projects. Even some you’ve never heard of before! 

That’s why we built The Two19 Expedition Map. It’s a super easy to use, visual representation of our company roadmap. You can scroll around (both desktop and mobile) and zoom in on different areas. We have a little Star Guide at the bottom that should help you figure things out.  

We are and will be constantly updating the Expedition Map. Keep an eye on our twitter as we will share there when new changes are published. 

Sebastian Roberts
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Back to business

It is pretty cool being able to make games. There is something about seeing your creativity come together and produce something physical you can hold in your hands. All that hard work over the years adds up to something special. Two19 and Kingless, though, needed more than just creativity. We needed to find the tools and methods to pull it all together. 

The concept for Kingless was conceived by a text message. That’s how this all began. A  single text. You can’t really run a project by text though, so we started by documenting and noting down information in Apple Notes. It didn’t take us long to realize that we needed a more robust solution. All of us were working on this remotely, so we needed something we could access and use no matter where we each were. 

Before we could really get started, then, we needed to set up Two19 as a remote business and find the right tools. We started out by using our personal Google Drives and sharing files. The most obvious thing to use with this was GSuite, so we set up a GSuite account, using the Two19 company name, and moved everything onto that. Problem solved.

Well, not really. GSuite is great, but it’s missing some tools that were key to keeping us on track. The things is, working with a remote team, you need something that gets you organized, helps the workflow, and all those other buzzwords. We needed something to help us work together better. We started to explore options like Trello,, and Asana. We even toyed around with using Apple Reminders. We ended up with Trello. It seemed the best fit for us, and for what we were trying to achieve with Two19. 

Then we needed something to use as a chat tool, for quick communications. Like anyone, we already used various chat apps to communicate with each other; iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. What we really needed was something a little more powerful, and something that would be focused on work – without the distractions. The obvious solution seemed to be Slack. 

We tried with Slack, we really did. We persevered for weeks. We were building channels, hooking into Google Drive, setting up automation, but at the end of the day, it was just too much of a hassle. Moving in and out of Slack just to send messages took us away from what we were doing. It never really fitted. Communication is so important with a remote team, and Slack never really felt like the cornerstone we were looking for.   

All this lead to Discord. We were already using Discord quite frequently for voice chat so we decided to see what else it could do. In many ways Discord has a resemblance to Slack. I tried to see if I could replicate what we had already done in Slack, or at least as best I could. It actually worked quite well. There were a few things that were a bit hit and miss. Wikis are a bit harder to make and don’t get me started on integrations via webhooks. Thinking about it though, we didn’t really need all that. What we needed was clear communication. In that respect, Discord is great. 

We still use Discord today as our main quick communication tool. We meet daily via Discord voice chat and it works flawlessly. Now with the added benefit of screen-sharing and video chat in servers, it’s going great. It’s doing exactly what we wanted. 

Six months later, I finally discovered Basecamp. This is what we had really been looking for. It’s given us a totally new way of working. Basecamp has tied together a lot of the platforms we’ve been using. Now we have a more coherent place for communication, announcements, and file management. I’m really happy with it because Basecamp feels like a single home for all the work we are doing on Kingless. We have this one platform where we can all check and get updates from all the areas of work we are busy with. It’s helped tie everything, and everyone, together.  

So, it’s taken a while, but we seem to have the right tools, and the right set-up, to make Two19 and Kingless really work. Like any new project, there’s been a learning curve, but it’s all worthwhile when I get to see, and hold, the results.  

Sebastian Roberts
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The August Update

Do we have an exciting update for you this month! 

We have been blazing away packaging up the last remaining art assets. Rules, Boxes cards etc. If you follow us on Social Media, you might already know this, but! – I’m extremely excited to announce we are now well underway with our manufacturer (Panda Game Manufacturing). Contracts have been signed and all assets are currently being proofed by the prepress specialists. 

In a few weeks time, we should have our first full pre-production model, again, keep an eye on our social channels as we will be sure to post up some photos as soon as we have this in our hands. As always, we will share all the details in our next monthly update as well. 

We can’t share much more on timeframes just yet. As we get further down the process with Panda, we should have a much better idea. Hopefully, in our September update, this should be a little clearer.

Tabletop Simulator

Now for some exciting news on the Tabletop Sim scene. Given we are now gold on all the artwork, we have updated our Tabletop Sim build to reflect this. If you’d like to get in early and give Kingless a try, head on over to the steam workshop.


If you’re checking out Kingless on TTS, you will want to have a peek at the official rules. We have them built into the notepad within TTS, but if you would like to see the print version, you can download a PDF copy

Even if you’re not playing on Tabletop Sim, check them out! we are really pleased with how they came out!

Update on surveys

We have had a couple of questions come in regarding post Kickstarter surveys. Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten. Once we have the pre-production model in hand, we will be able to gather some accurate weights to calculate shipping with. As we mentioned previously, we will have more accurate information down the track. More on this in next months update.

The Big Milkshake

Earlier in the month, we launched The Big Milkshake! – Stick with me here…

The Big Milkshake is a mixture of all of the flavours of Two19. It is the new home of our thoughts, release notes, game announcements, and advice. Everything from Game Design to our favourite chocolate bar.     

Everything you wanted to know about Two19, and a lot you probably didn’t, will all find its home on The Big Milkshake.      

We will continue to provide all updates on Kingless and the progress we are making via Kickstarter, to all of our backers. Nothing will change here.

We wanted to do something a little fun to tie in with the launch of TBM. We have put together our Neon Milkshake playlist on Spotify. It is a vibrant playlist of our best retro electric tunes from the 80s, 90s and now. 

Next month, we will be doing a dive into our own musical tastes with our individual mixtapes…


Lastly, If you didn’t know, we have a public discord community for Kingless. If Discord is more your social platform, hop in and say hi! You’ll often find us hanging out there. 

  And that’s a wrap! Another month down, and it’s been a busy one! 

  See you all in September! 

Sebastian Roberts
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Fire up the blenders!

Firstly, welcome to The Big Milkshake!

To make life easier, let’s call it TBM. 

Don’t worry, we haven’t thrown in the dishcloth, quit making games, and gone into the milkshake business! At least, not in the traditional sense… 

Instead, we’re stretching analogies. The Big Milkshake is a mixture of all of the flavours of Two19. This is it. This is the new home of our thoughts, release notes, game announcements, and advice. Everything from Game Design to our favourite chocolate bar, it’ll be here. Everything you wanted to know about Two19, and a lot you probably didn’t, will be on this site.

Two19 has only just begun. We’re just starting. We have lots of ideas in the works, and a lot of things to talk about. TBM is our new home for all these crazy thoughts. We’ll be posting as often as we can. 

It’s not just a blog for Two19. Yes, we will be sharing news and stories from Two19, but The Big Milkshake is about more than simply what we are doing. This is a place for us to talk about our learning and share our knowledge. We have learnt so much from launching our first Kickstarter, running our business during a global pandemic (which you might have noticed), and of course, making games. We’ve had a lot to think about. TBM is our creative outlet for these thoughts. This is where we share with you everything that’s going on in our world, our games, and our experiences in bringing them to life.

TBM is our new website for everything Two19 related, even if loosely. We want to entertain, and to inform. We also, humbly, hope to help others as we go along. This whole experience has been a massive challenge, with a lot of learning. Hopefully what we post here can help others learn from what we’ve done, and avoid our mistakes. We can’t promise you won’t make a lot of new mistakes though.

To keep up with Two19, come to The Big Milkshake. 

So, sit back, grab a milkshake and enjoy!

Sebastian Roberts
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